Registration Procedure for FUTO Freshmen/New Students


Welcome to Nigerian Campus Forum; if you have been admitted into the Federal University of Technology Owerri, FUTO, then i want to specially congratulate you on your success. You are welcome to join the great Nigerian Students šŸ™‚ Do follow the step by step procedure outlined bellow to fully register yourself. Check Admission Status
  • Visit theĀ University website
  • Click on ā€œProspective studentā€
  • Click on ā€œCheck Admission Statusā€ to confirm your admission
  • Chose the option ā€œClick here to Check 2018/2019 Undergraduate Admission Statusā€
  • Enter your JAMB REG NO and click on submit button to view your admission status
  • After confirming your admission click on the link ā€œClick here to Continue with the Admission Registrationā€
  • Update your Oā€™level details by supplying your Oā€™Level exam year, exam number and Oā€™Level result scratch card pin.
  • Candidates combining two results are required to supply two result scratch card pins based on the examination body.
Portal Account Verification
  • Click on the link ā€˜Portalā€™ on the website home page
  • Then click on ā€œVerify your Accountā€ to generate portal login details.
  • Get account details with the JAMB Registration number as the default username and password.
  • Login with your username and password
  • Click on ā€œChange Passwordā€ to change your password
  1. Pay Acceptance Fees
  • Login to the PortalĀĀ with yourĀ UsernameĀ andĀ Password
  • Click on ā€œPay Acceptanceā€ to generate your payment invoice
  • Print your invoice and proceed to any bank to pay using your RRR code on the invoice.
  • Alternatively, you can make payment using the online payment options with credit/debit cards such asĀ Verve, Visa, MasterCards.
  • After successful payment in the bank and online, print FUTO admission letter and Confirmation of admission form.
  1. Pay Fees
  • Login to the portal with yourĀ UsernameĀ andĀ Password
  • Click on ā€œPay Feesā€ to generate your payment invoice
  • Print your invoice and proceed to any bank for payment.
  • Alternatively, you can make payment using the online payment options with credit/debit cards such asĀ Verve, Visa, MasterCards.
  • After successful payment in a bank, return to the portalĀĀ and login with your account details toĀ print FUTO school fees e-receiptĀ with the RRR code on the invoice.
Fees e-Receipt
  • Click the ā€œPay Feesā€ menu
  • Select the required payment details
  • Print the School Fees Receipt
  • Portal automatically assigns matriculation number.
NOTE that only candidates who have printed their FUTO school fees e-receipts will be captured in the school fees report used for registration.
  • Click onĀ Fill Profile details.
  • Enter the required information on the field.
  • Ensure your entry level is entered accurately (Year of admission)
  • Click on submit button to complete your profile details.
  • Print the profile information slip.
  • Complete and print the validity form and acceptance letter.
  1. CONFIRMATION OF ADMISSIONS/Collection of Green files
(date and VenueĀ for registration will be communicated in due course)
  • Required documents for the confirmation of admission/Collection of Green files:
    • JAMB Result slip printed directly from JAMBā€™s website
    • JAMB Admission Letter printed directly from JAMBā€™s website
    • FUTO PUTME Result Slip
    • Oā€™Level Statement of Results
    • Confirmation of Admission form printed from FUTO website
    • FUTO admission Letter
    • School Fees Receipt
    • Candidateā€™s Profile Slip, Validity Form with passport and Signed Acceptance Letter (all printed from FUTO website)
    • Birth Certificate
    • LGA Identification Letter
    • Direct Entry Credentials ā€“ Aā€™Level certificate, OND/HND/Degree statements of results (for Direct Entry candidates only).
  • University Admissions Officer uses the verified results/Certificates to authenticate the Admission Letter or assigns the candidate to another Department as the case may be.
  1. Completion of forms in the Green files and Submission of the Files to the Departments for further necessary actions.
  2. Other clearance
  • Registration at the Health Services and University Library.
(Note that the completion of registration in the Health Services and the University Library will be a requirement for the issuance of the e-ID card) NOTE:
  • All admitted Direct Entry Students are required to inform their institution to forward their Academic Transcript to the Registrar, Federal University of Technology, Owerri. P.M.B. 1526.
  • After matriculation, the student proceeds to the admissions unit of the registry to sign the Matricula within one (1) week.
  • This Matricula from the admissions unit will serve as the input for the issuance of e-ID cards to Freshmen.
  1. Hostel Allocation
  • Click the ā€œHostel Allocationā€Ā menu
  • Click on ā€œGenerate Hotel reservationā€
  • Enter the required details
  • Select the Hostel-type
  • Generate Hostel Allocation payment invoice
  • Proceed to FUTO MFB for payment with the generated payment invoice.
  • After successful payment in a bank, return to the portal with the ePin generated in a bank.
  • Click on Print Hostel reservation receipt to print the allocated ROOM.
  • Print the allocated room on the receipt and proceed to the Student Affairs Unit further clearance
  1. Online Course Registration
  • Click theĀ Course RegistrationĀ menu and selectĀ the Register Courses
  • Select theĀ SessionĀ andĀ SemesterĀ and click theĀ Submit
  • Select your courses for that semester and click theĀ SubmitĀ button,
  • Print the registered courses
  1. Online Result Checking
  • Click theĀ Result menuĀ and select theĀ View result
  • Select the semester and session and click theĀ SubmitĀ button
  • Print the online semester result slip.
Ā Sign Out  
  • Students are once more reminded that payment of school fees is compulsory and this payment will give students access to:
    • Obtaining Matriculation Number automatically
    • Online Course Registration
    • Semester Examination
    • Campus WiFi.
Students having issues with the above online process should contactĀ FUTO ICT Centre, or send an email toĀ Nigerian Campus Forum Team

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