Things You Can Do With Your Jamb Profile

jamb profile accountJamb Profile is the current trend in Jamb registration. Ever since the last CBT Upgrade that happened around 2014, a lot of changes has been introduced into the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board’s mode of Operation. Do you still remember how you were told to create Jamb profile before you can register for Jamb? I am very sure you do. There are many other things you can do with your Jamb account apart from Jamb registration. In this article, I will list out everything you can do right in your Jamb profile. To make it simple for you to digest, I will add pictures to my explanations. Are you ready? Let’s gooo…..

10 Things You Can Do With Your Jamb Profile

Why Jamb profile for Jamb registration? That question is about to be answered right now. You don’t have to pay anybody for anything. You can do a couple of things for yourself and by yourself using your Profile for Jamb. See them below: Now, when you login to your Jamb account, you will see the following Options.
  1. My Profile.
  2. Print Mock Examination Slip.
  3. Register For Utme.
  4. Utme Registration Data Correction.
  5. Register For Direct Entry.
  6. Print Result Slip.
  7. Admission Letter.
  8. Check Admission Status.
  9. Regularize Admission And
  10. My Payments.
I will try to break this down one after the other.

1. My Profile

Under here, you can change your password and upload documents to your Jamb account.

2. Print Mock Result Slip

Jamb recently introduce optional mock examination into it’s system. If you have written Jamb mock examination and wants to print out your result, this option is for you.

3. Register For UTME Examination

Like I said earlier, you can no longer register for Jamb until you create a profile. This option helps you to do Jamb UTME registration.

4. UTME Registration Data Correction

I made a mistake in my Jamb profile, how do I correct it? This has been a trending question since the introduction of Jamb profile. For different reasons, candidates make mistakes in Jamb profile. You can correct it here.

5. Register For Direct Entry

This option is for those who want to gain admission via Jamb direct entry. You can register for Jamb direct entry here.

6. Print Result Slip

Jamb results will soon be released. Here, you can check and print your result. All that is required is that you provide your exam year and registration number.

7. Admission Letter

To proceed for University clearance, you need to print out your Jamb admission letter. It can be done right here.

8. Check Admission Status

This option enables you to check whether you are offered admission or not.

9. Regularize Admission.

Here, you can check and regularize your admission.

10. My Payments

Under my payments, you can make payments and as well check the successful payments you have made so far. Now, you may be wondering, how do I start doing all these with my Jamb profile? See the full guide below.

How To Start Using Your Jamb Account

To be able to do all that I explained above with your Jamb profile, all you need to do is login to your account. It is very easy to login and use your Jamb account. Just follow the simple steps below:
  • Turn on data connection on your Phone Or PC And Ensure that you are on subscription.
  • Visit Jamb official website by clicking here.
  • Enter the email you used to create your profile in the space provided.
  • Enter your password in the second Space.
Jamb profile -login page
  • Click on login.
  • Done! You can now begin to explore your Jamb profile.
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