Scholarships For Private Universities Students In Nigeria | Does It Exist?

Scholarships For Private University Students

VIU   Is there any scholarship for private University students in Nigeria? This is a trending question that has not really gotten attention. I have been trying to avoid this question but I feel it is time to face it. With every passing year, top companies (especially oil companies) like shell, chevron, snepco, Agbami, NNPC and so on announce scholarship opportunities for Undergraduate and postgraduate students in Nigeria. One line that shocks every interested private universities candidates is the scholarship requirement “you must be from a renowned government owned University in Nigeria”. This makes you wonder, what the hell is wrong with private University candidates applying for shell scholarships? Nothing actually… We all have to accept the fact that many high paying scholarships, especially those under scholarstica demand that you are from a Federal University applicant. Note the word many… it doesn’t mean all…. If you are an Undergraduate or a post graduate student in any Nigeria private University, there is a good news for you. There are a whole lot of foreign scholarships you can apply for plus a number of local ones. Click here for list of all undergraduate in Nigeria and the ones you are eligible for as a private university student. Now, do you know that there are a whole lot of scholarships still going on right now? Never miss out of hot scholarships mean’t for you. Click here to see all available undergraduate and postgraduate local and foreign scholarships. Hope you found this piece useful? Feel free to comment below or let others know about this… Nigerian Campus Forum Team.

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